16:00-18:00 Registration for the QSIP conference (secretariat room, ground floor)



08:00-09:00 Registration for the QSIP conference (secretariat room, ground floor)
09:00-09:15 Welcome/Opening remarks – P. Martyniuk/S. Gunapala

IR Detectors – current trends
Chair: D. Ting

09:15-10:00 Plenary talk A. RogalskiTrends in Performance Limits of HOT Infrared Photodetectors
10:00-10:30 Invited talk S.Krishna – Antimonide Based Linear Mode Avalanche Photodiodes on InP
10:30-10:50 Coffee break

T2SL Detectors / Quantum Well, Quantum Cascade and Quantum Dot Detectors I
Chair: P. Christol

10:50-11:10 V. Arounassalame , M. Guénin, R. Alchaar, E. Huard, P. Christol, L. Höglund, I. Ribet-MohamedStudy of Electro-Optical Performances of T2SL Technology
11:10-11:30 P. H. Pereira, G. M. Penello, V. B. Sousa, M. P. Pires, P. L. SouzaDual-Color Mid-Infrared Detection Using Electronic Quasi-Bound State in the Continuum
11:30-11:50 Lee H., Kim Y., Eom J., Jung H., Kang K., Ryu S., Jang A., Lee T., Kim J., Kim Y., Jung H., Kim S., Choi J. Design and Performance of Dual-Band MW/LW Infrared Focal Plane Arrays Based on Type-II Superlattice nBn Structure
11:50-12:10 S. M. Ryu, K. K. Kang, T. H. Lee, J. G. Kim, A. Jang, H. Ch. Jeong, J. H. Eom, Y. Ch. Kim, H. J. Lee, Y. H. Kim, H. Jung, S. H. Kim, J. H. ChoiQuantum
Efficiency Enhancement by Depositing ZnS in InAs/GaSb LWIR Photodetector
12:10-12:30 G. Quinchard, S. Pes, A. Larrue, M. Garcia, C. Mismer, F. Blache, B. Duval, V. Trinité, A. Evirgen, J.L. Reverchon, M. Hakl, Q. Lin, J-F Lampin, E. Peytavit, S. Barbieri, A. DelgaHigh Speed Antenna Enhanced Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Detector
12:30-14:00 Lunch at Sheraton Grand Krakow Hotel

T2SL Detectors/ Quantum Well, Quantum Cascade and Quantum Dot Detectors II
Chair: S. Bandara

14:00-14:20 D.Z. Ting, A. Soibel, A. Khoshakhlagh, S.A. Keo, S.B. Rafol, A. Fisher, C.J. Hill, B.J. Pepper, E.M. Luong, S.D. GunapalaInAs/InAsSb Superlattice Infrared Detectors
14:20-14:40 G. Krizman, F. Carosella, J. Bermejo-Ortiz, J.-P. Perez, P. Christol, L.-A. de Vaulchier, Y. GuldnerEngineering InAs/InAsSb Superlattices For Midwave Infrared Detection Using Magneto-Optic
14:40-15:00 Ł. Kubiszyn, K. Michalczewski, J. Jureńczyk, K. Lipski, J. PiotrowskiInAs/InAsSb Superlattice-Based LWIR Photovoltaic Detectors
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-15:50 M. Bouschet, V. Arounassalame, J.P. Perez, U. Zavala-Moran, F. De Anda, I. Ribet-Mohamed, N. Péré-Laperne, P. Christol – Study of Etching Depth on Electrical Properties of MWIR Ga-free T2SL Barrier Detector Structures
15:50-16:30 N. Arad-Vosk, R. Beach, A. Ron, T. Templeman, Y. Golan, G. Sarusi and A. Sa’arNanoscale Domains of PbS Alloyed with Thorium and Oxygen for Developing Dual-Band SWIR/NIR Photodetectors Using GaAs Substrates
16:30-16:50 J. Zhan, D. Diao, H. Leung, J. Song – Ultra-MWIR T2SL Detector for Gas Imaging
16:50-17:10 A. Şahin, F. Uzgur and S. Kocaman – Optimization of Delta Doped nBn SWIR InGaAs Photodetector Design
19:00 Welcome reception at the Roof Top Terrace (Sheraton)



IR Instruments for Space Applications I
Chair: R. Stirbl

9:45-10:00 IQE – Company presentation
10:00-10:30 Plenary talk S. Gunapala, D. Ting, A. Soibel, A. Khoshakhlagh, S. Rafol, S. Keo, B. Pepper, A. Fisher, C. Hill, S. Babu and P. GhumanMWIR and LWIR T2SL Focal Plane Arrays for Earth Remote Sensing Applications
10:30-10:50 V.M. Cowan, C.P. Morath, G.P. Jenkins, D.T. Maestas, J.E. Hubbs, B.J. Fawver, V.D. Pepel, P.T. Webster, P.C. Grant, M.E. Gramer, K. KuhlerTrends in Radiometric and Radiation Tolerance Performance of Large Format III-V and II-VI Based MWIR Detectors
10:50 – 11:20 Coffee break
11:20-11:40 R. Ivanov, D. Evans, S. Smuk, D. Rihtnesberg, L. Höglund, M. Gulde and E. CostardDual Band QWIP VLWIR Detectors for Earth Observation
11:40-12:00 C. Bataillon, J.P. Perez, R. Alchaar, A. Michez, O. Gilard, O. Saint-Pé, P. Christol – Superlattice-Based Infrared Photodetectors Under Proton Irradiation
12:00-14:00  Lunch

IR Focal Plane Arrays
Chair: V. M. Cowan

14:00-14:20 M. Delmas, D. Ramos, L. Žurauskaitė, L. Höglund, R. Ivanov, S. Becanovic, D. Evansa, D. Rihtnesberg, S. Smuka, E. CostardNew Generation of HOT MWIR T2SL Detectors to Further Reduce System SWaP
14:20-14:40 S. Bandara, M. Tidrow, N. Baril, L. Aitcheson, and L. Zheng – III-V Material Superlattice Infrared Focal Plane Array Technology
14:40-15:00 D. Ramos, M. Delmas, L. Höglund, D. Evans, L. Žurauskaitė, D. Rihtnesberg, R. Ivanov , S. Almqvist, S. Becanovic, P. Tinghag , S. Smuk, Per-Erik Hellström, E. Costard – Impact of Pixel Size on the Performance of HOT HD T2SL Arrays
15:00-15:20 A. Soibel, D.Z. Ting, S.B. Rafol, A.M. Fisher, S.A. Keo, A. Khoshakhlagh, and S. D. GunapalaMWIR Detectors and FPAs with Very Low Dark Current Density
15:20-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:10 J.C. James, T. Haran, S. LaneSensor Performance and Cut-off Wavelength Tradeoffs of III-V Focal Plane Arrays
16:10-16:30 O. Gravrand, N. Baier, A. Ferron, F. Rochette, C. LobreDiscussion Around IR Material And Structure Issues to Go Toward Small Pixel Pitch IR HOT FPAs
16:30-16:50 C. BesikciGrating-Free Highx InP/InxGa1-xAs MWIR QWIP Focal Plane Arrays
16:50-17:10 R. Griot, C. Vasse, V. Condo, R. Arts, T. Benschop, E. Costard – Cryogenic Solutions for IR Detectors – a Guideline for Selection
18:30 Dinner at Wentzl Restaurant (Market Square 19)



09:15-17:30 Visit in Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau – Former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp
Coach transfer, departure from the Sheraton Hotel at 9:15. ID/Passport required to enter the Museum. Lunch at 15:00 in Oświęcim city
19:00-21:00  Dinner at  Sheraton Hotel (Anima restaurant)



09:30-14:30 Kraków sightseeing with a guide
Walking tour through most important tourist places: Wawel Hill, Main Market Square, Former Jewish District Kazimierz.
Meeting at 9:15 in Sheraton Hotel lobby
15:00-16:00 Lunch in Sheraton Hotel
17:15-22:30 Visit in the Wieliczka Salt Mine with a gala dinner in the Jan Haluszka Chamber (135 m underground)
Departure at 17:15 from the Sheraton Hotel. The dinner preceded with a walk through the underground tourist route (temp. on the route 17-18 °C, dress code: smart casual, no high heels)



IR Materials
Chair: A. Rogalski

08:30-09:00 Invited Talk M. Martyniuk  –  Recent Advances in Optical Mems-Based Spectrally Adaptive Remote Sensing and Imaging at The University of Western Australia
09:00-09:20 M. Kopytko – SRH Generation Suppression in Non-Equilibrium MWIR HgCdTe Photodiode
09:20-09:40 Q. Durlin, A. Aliane, L. André, C. Vialle, H. Kaya, M. Le Cocq, J.M. HartmannCharacterization of Planar PIN Germanium Photodetectors Compatible with the Microelectronic Industry
09:40-10:00 M. Benfante, A. Evirgen, V. Trinite, C. Thevenau, M. Garcia, B. Gerard, J. L. Reverchon – Optimization of InGaAs/GaAsSb Based T2SL on InP in Terms of Dark Current and Spectral Quantum Efficiency
10:00-10:20 S. Ogawa, M. Shimatani, S. Fukushima, S. Okuda, Y. Kanai, T. Ono, K. Inoue, K. Matsumoto – Graphene-Semiconductor Heterojunction-Based Infrared Photodetectors Using Photogating (on-line)
10:20-10:40 W. Gawron, A. Damięcki, A. Koźniewski, P. Martyniuk, P. Madejczyk, J. RutkowskiLong Wavelength Infrared Multiple Photodetectors of the MOCVD Grown HgCdTe Heterostructures for Operation at Higher Temperatures
10:40-11:00 Coffee break

Growth and Processing
Chair: A. Soibel

11:00-11:20 N. Baril, S. Bandara, D. Zuo, A. Brown, T. Almeida, M. TidrowGrowth of III-V Infrared Detector Device Layers on the AlSb lattice via Metamorphic Buffer Layers
11:20-11:40 D. Lubyshev, J. M. Fastenau, M. Kattner, P. Frey, S. A. Nelson, R. Flick, D. E. Szymanski, Y. Wu, A. W. K. Liu, B. Martinez, M. J. Furlong, R. Dennis, J. Bundas and M. SundaramGrowth and Characterization of LWIR T2SL on (100), (311), and (211) Oriented GaSb Substrates
11:40-12:00 R. Müller, M. Bach, V. Daumer, T. Hugger, L. Kirste, W. Luppold, J. Niemasz, E. Paysen, R. Rehm, S. Schütt, T. Stadelmann, A. Trampert M. Wobrock, Q. YangAdvances in Type-II Superllatice Research at FRAUNHOFER IAF
12:00-12:20 U Ceker, S. Sahin, M. Artuc, S. Ozer, T. Akin, M. Hostut, Y. ErgunN-nBn Dual Band N-pBin T2SL’s Optical and Electrical Properties
12:20-12:40 M. Patrashin, N. Sekine, K. Akahane, A. Kasamatsu, I. Hosako – Carrier Transport Properties In Nominally Undoped Type-II Superlattices
12:40-14:00 Lunch

Electro-optical Characterization/Carrier transport
Chair: P. Martyniuk

14:00-14:20 A. Kolek Quantum-Mechanical Simulations of Electronic Transport in Type II Broken-Gap Superlattice Diode
14:20-14:40 C.P. Morath, L.K. Casias, G.A. Umana-Membreno, P.T. Webster, P.C. Grant, V.M. Cowan, L. Faraone, S. KrishnaMagnetotransport in InAs/InAsSb Type-II Superlattice Material for Space-Based Infrared Detectors
14:40-15:00 J. Wróbel, G.A. Umana-Membreno, J. Boguski, S. Zlotnik, A. Kowalewski, P. Moszczyński, J. Antoszewski, J.M. Wróbel, and L. FaraoneInAs Light-to-Heavy Hole Effective Mass Ratio Determined Experimentally from Mobility Spectra Analysis
15:00-15:20 C. Y. Chou, A. Torfi, and W. I. WangInAs Heterojunction Phototransistors for Mid-infrared Applications – talk to be given by D. Ting
15:20-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:10 J. Boguski, Ł. Kubiszyn, S. Złotnik, M. Liszewska, P. P. Michałowski, J. WróbelA Correlation Of InAs Resistivity With Circular Defect Pattern On 2-inch Wafers
16:10-16:30 E.D. Fraser, P.W. Frensley, B.D. Barnes, C.-Y. Chen, J. Li, J.-M. Kuo, Y.-C. Kao, P.R. PinsukanjanaStatus of Multi-wafer Production MBE Capabilities for Extended SWIR III-V Epi Materials for IR Detection
16:30-16:50 S. Złotnik, J. Boguski, M. Nyga, M. Sadowska, B. Budner, B. Jankiewicz, P. Michałowski, M. Kojdecki, J. Wróbel, J. Wróbel Physical Properties Modification of Epitaxially Grown InAs by Dry Etching
16:50-17:10 O. M. Braga, C. A. Delfino, R. M. S. Kawabata, L. D. Pinto, G. S. Vieira, M. P. Pires, P. L. Souza, E. Marega, J. A. Carlin, S. KrishnaEvaluation of Surface Passivation of InGaAs/InP photodiode with regrowth of InP
17:10-17:30 Closing remarks
18:00 Farewell Dinner at SomePlace Else bar (Sheraton Hotel)



12:00 Hotel check-out

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